onDemand Merchandise

Welcome to the world of ‘ON-DEMAND’ promotional items.


Kit out your team with branded merchandise including drawstring boot bags, mugs, pens, notebooks, water bottles, towels and much more from our exclusive range of onDemand products!

No need to keep stock or order in bulk, simply design and let your staff, players, officials and supporters order what and when they like!

  • This is the world where you CAN order 1 of something, yes 1! Or 3 or 6 or 17 etc...
  • This is the world where you can have that 1 item personalised, yes 1 item and personalised with a name, a date, a time or a place too!
  • This is the world where you can have your items delivered in 5 working days, yes that’s 5 days not weeks!
  • This is the world where you don’t have lots of your money tied up in boxes of stock, waiting to be sold, not used or out of date - no stock, no cash tied up, simple!
  • This is the world where manufacture is in the UK
  • This is the world of ‘ON-DEMAND’ SportzHub style..........

Latest News

Spectator Pro

Official Launch of Spectator Pro Barrier Pack

The Football Association and Football Foundation launch ’new to market’ Spectator Pro Barrier Pack through Sportzhub.


What our clients think...

"Sportzhub have been the English FA’s chosen contracted supplier for Respect Barriers for a number of years.

Not only do they provide a quality product but they also provide brilliant customer service. They are adaptable and open to product innovation."

Nathan French - National Respect Manager - The Football Association

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