Club Pro

The Club Pro consists of 6 large, heavy weight rubber bases, 6 CLUB SPECIFIC branded posts and 60 metres of rope (choice of 4 colours) that fits neatly in to our specially developed ‘post top clasp’. Spanning 60 metres, this covers nearly one whole side of a 9-a-side pitch and serves as a meaningful reminder to everyone involved where to stand and the manner in which they should behave.

The Club Pro is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, both grass and 3 or 4G.



  • Detachable single line post that screws into the base.
  • More solid physical barrier to help control supporter location and improve behaviour.
  • Recycled black rubber stackable base.
  • Easy to carry handles on the base.
  • Suitable for outdoor use, but should not be permanently placed outside.
  • 60 metres of 8 braid rope (choice of 4 colours).
  • Shipped flat packed for easy assembly.
  • Modular clasp at top of post to securely hold rope in place.


  • It can be ordered in as little as 1 set.
  • It's club specific, (club must supply suitable high resolution EPS or JPEG of their logo).
  • Rope comes in choice of 4 colours (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow).

  • Priced at 1 set £379.00 per set plus VAT
    Artwork (£45.00) and Delivery (£45.00).

  • Priced at 2 Sets £369.00 per set plus VAT
    Artwork (£45.00) and Delivery (£80.00).

  • Priced at 3 - 8 Sets £359.00 per set plus VAT
    Artwork (£45.00) and Delivery (£100.00).

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